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Error message "Program not responding"

When the "Program not responding" message comes up or the program crashes unexpectedly, follow the instruction below to refresh the program registry.
  • 1. Close the program.
  • 2. Open Task Manager > File > Run new task. Type in "Regedit" followed by ENTER.
  • 3. You will be asked "Do you wish to allow this app to make changes ...". Click Yes.
  • 4. The Registry Editor window will open. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > CAVS Multimedia Inc.
  • 5. Right click on CAVS Multimedia Inc. and select "Delete"
  • 6. You will be asked "Are you sure you want to ...". Click Yes. Close the Registry Editor
  • 7. Start the PlayCDG KJ Deluxe 64 LT program.
  • 8. The program will go through a few steps of configuring the registry before starting.
After the program starts, if the program continues to have the problem, contact for assistance.

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