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Where can I find the MCG Manager software to download?

Please download the latest update of MCG Manager program.

  • MCG MANAGER [Download]
    • Ver. 1.0.30
      • Can extract CD+G discs without inputting title or artist names
      • Can extract regular CD discs for MP3 files only
    • Ver. 1.0.18
      • SCDG.CFG automatically gets created
      • Can automaticaly update singer and title
      • Artist Name from INDEX-TITLE now updates artist names
      • INDEX-TITLE inputs now transfer over to the TARGET side
    • Ver.
      • Previously created folders can be appended to one major folder without interference.
    • Ver.
      • Modify process reconfigured for more functionality.
    • Ver.
      • Rebuild is disabled when not applicable.

NOTE: The tutorials are found within the program when you click "HELP" or temporarily here:

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