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What files and discs can I play in JB-199?

This posting pertains to both JB-199 and JB-199 ver II players (hereafter call together as JB-199).

JB-199 can play the following discs (directly from the discs) using an optional external DVD drive drive. To purchase the optional DVD disc drive, please contact

  • CD+G discs
  • Super CD+G discs

CD+G and Super CD+G discs can also be imported into JB-199 and played from its hard drive. For the instruction, go to the User's Manual of JB-199.

JB-199 can import and play the following file types. After the importing of files, please be sure to start the JB-199 program, go to MENU > 1.Jukebox > 3. Register, and register the newly imported files, which will allow the lyrics to show on the screen.

There are multuple ways to transfer the files into JB-199, such as using Advanced Functions under MENU in the JB-199 program or using the JB-199 Manager program.  For instructions, see User's Manual of JB-199 or HELP in the JB-199 Manager program. 

JB-199 can also import and play the songs from JB-99 and other JB-199 player.

  • To import the songs from JB-99, remove the JB-99 hard drive from JB-99 player and put it in an external hard drive case with USB connecotor.  Then connect the external hard drive case (with the JB-99 hard drive inside) to JB-199.  Alternatively, you can  connect the JB-99 hard drive directly via Sata or IDE connection to JB-199 (this involves opening the top cover of JB-199). Next follow the instruction given in the User's Manual of JB-199 to transfer the songs from JB-99. 
  • To import the songs from another JB-199, go to the posting

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