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  • Check out our Integrated Control that CAVS Karaoke System is offering! From a single screen, you can now control the karaoke show including the music volume, microphone volume, echo, and reverb without ever running to the stage.
  • Check out our new 3D Customer Interface that let you choose a language to select the songs with. English, Russsian, French, Chinese, Japanese, etc., you can input in any language using the keyboards or handwriting! The CAVS Karaoke Systems truly accomodate the worldwide customers.
  • E-Songbooks are now available in iOS, Android, and Windows. Use the E-Songbooks to wirelessly display the song list and at the same time control the karaoke show including the music voluem, microphone volume, echo and reverb. Enjoy the mobility and complete control that E-Songbooks offer!
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