Select your songs from an easy-to-use touch screen 3D Customer Interface. You can scroll, sort, and search the songs, or set the pitch, tempo, and sync controls directly on the screen. All controls are at your finder tips.


SA- systems are professional Karaoke systems built on the SA-95 Touch Screen Karaoke player with powerful PlayCDG KJ Deluxe 64 LT software.
JB- systems are professional Karaoke systems built on the JB-199 III Premier Digital Jukebox with Touch Screen monitor. Click on each link for the detail desription and the User Manual.


Mounted in durable road cases, CAVS All-In-One Karaoke Systems are quick-and-easy to transport and install. You can customize your own system with wheels, mixer, wireless microphones, network router, DAC sound card, video converter, amplifier, and speakers.


Connect wirelessly to CAVS E-SongBooks, iPhones, iPads, and Androids, with which your customers can view the songlist, reserve songs, and make favorite lists. The customers can also wirelessly score the singers in a singing contest using the connected tablets or cell phones.

Connect to TV using HDMI, VGA or RCA for the highest resolution graphics and video. Connect to audio using HDMI, XRL or RCA for the smooth sound. The system adapts to service your venues no matter how large or small.


CAVS All-In-One Systems can play songs of any language in MP4, AVI, CD+G, MIDI, or Super CD+G karaoke formats. It can also display the song list in different language, showing the tilte and artist in English, French, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, etc. The system however is not truly international until the users can conveniently search the song list in English, French, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, etc. That is, the users must be able to input the song title or artist in different languages to search for the songs. CAVS All-In-One system does exactly that and more by providing the keyboard as well as the handwriting for the user to input the title or artist in his or her own language. You can instanatly change the language with one touch and input the title or artist using the keyboard or handwriting. This unique service only available on CAVS Karaoke system.


The 3D Customer Interface let you control the song selection, pitch, tempo, sync, etc. It also let you presets the songs in reserve or history. But now, for the first time in karaoke history, CAVS Karaoke System let you control the music volume, microphone volume, echo, and reverb right from the same 3D Cutsomer Interface. At your finger tips, you have the Intergrated Control of the songs and the sound. Do you ever dash to the stage to adjust the music volume or microphone volume when a new song begin playing or a new singer begins singing? You can now relax knowing that you have the full control using the 3D Customer Interface, even remotely or wirelessly on a tablet.

The Integrated Control is availabe with CAVS DK3 Mixer, Sound Craft i16 & i12 Mixers, or AMX Control.

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